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Corporate Websites
Corporates need to interact with their customers, have to keep the stakeholders updated, create and maintain a brand identity and project various aspects of business. Internet based communication & marketing is today an integral part of their strategic marketing & communication plan and therefore it needs a different treatment than a simple website for a business.

We assist our corporate customers in realizing their business enhancement goals through our experienced, multi-discipline teams and a comprehensive set of services, all under one roof. Unlike most cases where different components required for corporate websites are sourced from different companies, our customers find it convenient in dealing with a single entity for everything.

We take into account individual needs and offer assistance in planning & implementing online marketing strategy. Each customer is assigned a project manager, with a team of proficient website designers, programmers, content writers and web marketing professionals. We also undertake the task of web promotion and ensure online visibility.

With our experience in managing complex and multi-discipline corporate website projects, we ensure better results for our customers with least hassles.
B2B Product Catalogs
Manufacturers, exporters, suppliers and service providers from the SME segment need domestic & international exposure to enhance their sales. A static b2b product catalog is an ideal first step for them for global presence. Our b2b product catalogs are fully managed, including designing, content editing, hosting, strategic web promotion and its annual maintenance.

It is a cost effective tool that reduces time and costs involved in reaching out to a prospective buyer. An online b2b product catalog is not just a showcase of the company and its products, but also a great marketing tool to enhance revenue generation as it caters to the scattered domestic market as well as the international market.

Our main objective is to bring tangible and intangible benefits to our customers through professionally developed and well-marketed b2b product catalogs.
E-commerce Solution
An online buying process, B2B or retail, would never be complete without e-commerce deployment. Though the most common form of online shopping is reflected in retailing of goods and services, our e-commerce solution is suitable for the B2B segment (for negotiated prices, bulk deals, sample exchange) also.

For an e-commerce setup, businesses usually approach different service providers to consolidate all components required. We make it easier for our customers by offering fully-managed, consolidated e-commerce solutions.
Dynamic Product Catalogs
  Working with customers from different industries helped us develop a multi-feature dynamic product catalog that makes online product management extremely easy.

Some companies change their product catalogs frequently as their product designs change fast or they have new products to offer. The cost of updating & sending the updated static/printed catalogs in such cases is very high. A dynamic product catalog, is a cost-effective innovative solution that allows a company to develop/update its online product catalog with full control over its product navigation and product information.

Our dynamic product catalog offers following features :

  • Display management system that allows personalized design and presentation of the catalog. This involves development of a homepage, profile page, enquiry form, static information pages and product presentation layout, based on which the product catalog is displayed.

  • Product management system that allows clients to update and display products and details. It allows adding or editing product and product details, and upload the changes.

  • Enquiry basket that allows visitors to select multiple products & add to the virtual cart to send a consolidated order / enquiry and request a quote for the same.
It is a system that replicates the physical catalog and at the same time offers the flexibility of updating it as per the customer's convenience of time and location.
Mini Dynamic Catalog
Mini dynamic catalog is a value-for-money solution from IndiaMART that allows its customers to publish their online business homepage, with total command over the product details, company information, navigation and almost everything related to it. It allows them to:
  • Add / Edit / Delete text and images related to company profile, infrastructure, quality, clients, certifications
  • Add / Edit / Delete a product, its images and details and categorize as per wish
  • Add / Edit / Delete blow-ups for products
  • Attach product related document for enhanced / sophisticated details
  • Customize enquiry form
Advantages Over Traditional Webpage
  • Multi-page Catalog - Unlike conventional webpage, it offers 4 pages in one catalog. Homepage, Profile Page, Product Page an Enquiry/Contact Page - all of them having the facility for information add, edit & delete. Customers, therefore, have more space to convey every important detail required to market their product and company globally.

  • Short Development Period - Under test situations, our researchers have found that the time required for webpage development can be shortened by over 70%. If it took 10 days to develop a webpage, it takes just 3 days to develop a mini dynamic catalog. Save time spent on corrections and approvals.

  • Customized Industry-wise Layouts - Enjoy the convenience of industry-specific layouts that are well-researched and follow international guidelines that affect the marketability of online catalog.

  • Update as Per Convenience - No more "Monday - Friday, 9 - 5" service... Change to 'anytime anywhere' lifestyle... With the catalog under control, one can update it whenever and from wherever they want

  • Multi-pronged Product Marketing - The Mini Dynamic Catalog allows display of products on multiple marketplaces of IndiaMART network to offer advantages of multi-pronged product marketing, free of cost.
Multimedia CD Presentation
  Interactive presentation about an organization or its products is amongst the best ways to garner attention of prospective buyers and customers. With increasing competition, suppliers recognize the value of positioning themselves ahead of their competitors. Multimedia CD presentations are an ideal way to achieve the same.

Our team’s expertise in delivering business enhancement soutions gives us an edge while we develop multimedia CD presentations for our customers. We assist our customers through planning, designing and content management to create and impressive and engaging presentation. Our customers would commonly use these CD presentations for trade shows and exhibitions, buyer presentations, product catalog or as give away reference material.

Multimedia CD presentations are not just convenient means of presentations, they are handy, have a longer shelf life and can easily relate to the company's brand image. We undertake these projects on turnkey basis, including cover design, printing, CD writing and packaging.
Mobile Solutions
We offer professional and reliable Mobile application development services that cater to diverse client needs and business objectives. Tailored to meet client requirements, we design, develop, test, upgrade, implement, and support customized Mobile application with outstanding utility and superior performance. Our dedicated team of mobile application developers has keen knowledge and skilled expertise in Android,ios and BlackBerry platform that can be seamlessly adapted and integrated across multiple platforms and conventional smartphone architectures. In addition to this, our customized Mobile application development services ranges widely from advertising to multimedia applications, asset tracking to messaging to voicing, gaming to GPS systems, and much more.
Customized Solutions
Some of our customers have specific requirements that cannot be served with our standard solutions. Their requirements are highly specific to their business and are unique in nature. Such requirements need special inputs and custom solution development. For such instances we customize our solutions or even create new ones, if need be.

We have been able to use our expertise in business enhancement combined with expertise in areas like IT, content editing, designing and online marketing to successfully implement customized solutions for our customers.
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